Growth condition

This is the setting of the growth camber for Japonica rice.

13.5 (or 13) hrs light (600 micromol)
28 centigrade (7:00-19:00)
24 centigrade (19:00-7:00)
60% humidity

2.5 kg soil/pot
The surface of soil should be covered with water.

Line names

Hxxxx : Insertion mutant of Hitomebore.
NCxxxx, NDxxxx, NExxxx, NFxxxx, NGxxxx : Insertion mutant of Nipponbare.


  1. Remove rice hulls.
  2. Soak in sodium hypochlorite solution (2% active chlorine) for 30 min.
  3. Wash with sterilized water.
  4. Place sterilized seeds on 0.3% sterilized Gellan Gum or Gelrite with MS salts and 3% sucrose (without hormone and vitamin) in a small jar.
  5. After two weeks, loose the cap to acclimate seedlings to the outside humidity.
  6. After one week, transfer to soil.
  7. 170 days are required from the seeding day for harvest.

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